Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Retiring items? More than I thought.

RL went nuts on me, so I am running behind on getting displays updated and new products all packaged up. Big surprise there, I know. Nephi running behind? YOU'RE JOKING. :P
Anyway, I am extending this sale through the 1st of September. My crazy freakin RL means more bargains for you! Yay!


I don't usually blog to talk, just to post new items- I am shy that way. I am going to switch that up today and say a bit about my current product line.

It is a beast. There are SO many items, and some of them (while I still love them) are really old. Once upon a time I had the time on my hands to be able to manage a collection that large, but RL kinda fixed that spare-time problem for me. I need to scale back. I need to scale way, WAY back.
We all know mesh is coming, and it will bring a whole set of options for the creation of clothing. I am super excited about this, but I can tell already I am going to need lots more room than what I currently have available.

Taking all this into consideration, I've decided to retire the majority of my current product line.
This is just for PixelDolls stuff- other collections such as Romance, LoveLace, Gallactic ect will stay as they are.
The rest of the items- the stuff you can find in our Separates, Dresses & Outfits, and Menswear sections- have been priced down to L25 each, and as of August 1 will not be available in the mainstore any longer.

So, yeah! Thats about it. One last big sale on all the stuff that I have loved well, but it is time to move on from. If you want to check it out, as always, you can find it at:
PixelDolls, Port Seraphine

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  1. What about really old skins? I've been wearing Garnet since about forever, but was kicking myself that I never got anything darker than Alabaster or Beige.