Saturday, November 26, 2011

Port Seraphine Closing

Port Seraphine will be shutting down as of Jan 1. This includes the PixelDolls main store, as well as the gallactic, romance, and chroma shops. All items have been set to L50 and will remain so until Jan 1st.
I've got a few things planned to commemorate this farewell, including a photo contest and a final LE item- the last PixelDolls will ever produce!- as well as a special something for all of you in the update group. Stay tuned, more info on that coming on Dec 1.


1 comment:

  1. Did you already start tearing down the main store? The main store teleport links in your profile send one 257 meters into the air in the Port Seraphine sim, but the main store is not in the sky anymore, there's only the smaller store at ground level now.

    Anyway, sad to see you close. Good luck wherever you're headed!